May 21, 2010

Butterflies take flight

Still in the process of redecorating my daughters room with all things flowers and butterflies. I originally got my inspiration from some butterflies I found at Joanns 50% off. I decided that they would look adorable hung around the room.

6 Butterflies or anything you choose ( these were 50% off 4.99 at Joanns)
Fishing line
Hot Glue
Hot Glue Gun

1) Cut line to desired size (hint: make sure to make to make it a little longer because of gluing)

2) Fold the line in half and at the center point of line glue to center of butterfly ( I glues mine under the clip on the back)

3) Hold line taut and glue to each side of the line to its prospective corner

4) tie lines together for desired length and hang.

May 20, 2010

Pottery Barn Kids Inspired Lamp

I have decided since my baby girl has turned two that it is time to re-do her room and update it a little. I was inspired to do her room by some butterflies I found at Joann's ( post for a later date). A few days later the pottery barn kids catalog came and has given me even more inspiration. I saw this adorable lampshade with roses all over it, I fell in love with the lamp just not the price. So I decided to make my own, and took some pictures along the way.

Materials needed:
Lamp and Shade ( I already had one)
6 bundles of Flowers ( I used roses but you could use whatever works best for you)

1) I pulled all of the roses off of the bouqets and trimmed down the back of them to allow them to lay flat

2) Glue flowers to the lamp shade. Start at the bottom and go all the way around and go all the way around the top.Glue a line of flowers connecting the top and the bottom. Allowing youself a template for all other roses to glue on.

3) Fill in the rest of the lamp shade with your flowers

4) Here is what it looks like on the lamp and turned on.

My Lamp                                                                       Pottery Barn Kids