February 12, 2011

Last Minute Valentine's gift idea...

Well Valentine's day is upon us and as we get closer I have had to come up with a personal yet inexpensive teacher gift for my children. My Son is in Pre-K and has 2 teachers and my Daughter is in day care and has 3 teachers, plus a favorite teacher from another classroom and because they are such nice women the director and the women who works at the desk. So for all of you that is a total of 8 gifts that I need which can get expensive if you let it. However I found an inexpensive gift that I really love and hope that they do as well.

They were so easy and they turned out adorable. I got these mailboxes in the dollar aisle at target. I used my cricut (still one of my all time favorite gifts) and some pink vinyl that I already had. I cut out the different shapes and the first letter of the teachers name to put on front. I filled with candy and wrapped them up.

Hope you have a great valentine's day....

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First step in my bedroom makeover...

I have decided to update some of my bedroom linens. I have started a duvet cover but have not finished so I will show that later. However, I decided to try some new throw pillows and this is my first attempt so please be gentle in judgement.... Well Without making you wait any longer here it is....

I got my inspiration and some direction from here... I think her pillow turned out way cuter, but I have to give myself props for my first attempt. I plan on making about two more in different styles and hope they turn out this well too... Well Hope you like it and I will keep updating as the process chugs along.

February 6, 2011

Colorful fun on Etsy

So I have decided to go out an try etsy and see if I can really have a home based business. I have come up with a facebook page which along with my shop is a work in progress. However in the interest of drumming up some new business I have decided to offer a Coupon to my followers. I have put the coupon on the Facebook website and would love it if you all could go over and check it out. While your there grab the coupon code and check out the shop. I am working on some new things that I hope to have listed early in the week and I am taking requests for special order items. Please head over to Colorful Fun Facebook page and give me a like.

February 4, 2011


Sorry for the Lack of posts lately my card reader broke and I finally found the time to go out and get a new one.

I have seen a lot of these trees around and decided I wanted to make one for Valentine's Day.

I went to hobby lobby after Christmas when all of their stuff was 75% off and they had the wooden letters in green and red for like 10 cents a piece so I just painted them to the colors I wanted and then added the white polka dots using a dowel.

I cut down the branches from my yard and used a pitcher I already had on my mantle. Then to make it look a little more like Valentine's Day I tied a Heart Doily to it. Total cost was less then 50 cents since I had all of the supplies I needed. I think it adds the perfect touch to the Mantle and to my valentine's decorations.

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