July 12, 2012

A new driving force for my posts

I haven't been on my blog in so long I wasn't sure it was even still here. There are many reason for my severe absence and many are dealing with family obligations. As I have said before I have two cuddle bunnies a son who is now 6 and a daughter who has now turned 4. They keep me very busy with karate, tball, swim lessons, dance lessons, recitals, church choir, basketball camps, and soon football. I enjoy them being busy but it does not leave much time for momma bunny to be creative or at least blog about it. We also completed a move last summer that has taken us from Southern GA to Southern Maine which is a huge difference (even for this Northeastern girl). I have not lived in a Northeastern state in over 9 years ( that is crazy to even contemplate by the way). We were muddling through our first winter, which the locals say was mild but it took some time to re-acclimate or for my kids to acclimate at all.

Our winter kicked off early with snow for Halloween, which  I was not prepared for since I never had to worry about putting jackets on with their costumes or layers for that matter. I did get a chance to be creative for Halloween and make some pretty awesome costumes. My daughter was Minnie Mouse, My Son was Batman ( I reused parts of a costume I found at good will and made if fit along with a homemade cape), I made costumes for a friends family the scarecrow, the cowardly lion, oz, and the tin man (which was my favorite).

However then the holidays came and I got bogged down with that. Then I got into a rut of not sewing or being creative which is pretty odd for me. I love making decorations, and Christmas gifts. This year did not happen. The most creative thing I did was rack up my pins on pintrest (which doesn't make me creative through osmosis, it should though).

Lately though I have missed being creative and have found some new interests I am pursuing and will be including in my blog. Along with showing off my creative side I have decided to make my family greener and take all of you on the journey with us. I should warn you my husband is quite hesitant but has decided he will go along for the ride at least inside the home. I have been doing a lot of reading and research on ways to be green. The more I read the more I realized 2 things were happening 1) I was totally freaking myself out with all of it and 2) I was becoming overwhelmed by the amount of information. So I decided to slow it down and start small with things such as homemade cleaners (which work pretty well and we will talk about in upcoming posts), unpaper towels which I love (future posts), educating myself, and learning to shop for better foods. The last will come from educating myself, and along the way maybe passing along some great information to you as well.

What does this mean for my blog? Well I will still be showing some great DIY projects and sewing things. My blog isn't going to be all about going green, and Eco-friendliness. I will be sticking to my roots which is my calling to DIY and my family (which is where the going green part really comes in).

So I hope you will stay with us and follow our journey to going green and healthy. Along with some great crafty projects I have lined up. I promise consistency with my post.s
See Pumpkins and snow to crazy for me
Making Snow angels on October 30th
That was a really big costume
Tin man is awesome

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