February 12, 2011

Last Minute Valentine's gift idea...

Well Valentine's day is upon us and as we get closer I have had to come up with a personal yet inexpensive teacher gift for my children. My Son is in Pre-K and has 2 teachers and my Daughter is in day care and has 3 teachers, plus a favorite teacher from another classroom and because they are such nice women the director and the women who works at the desk. So for all of you that is a total of 8 gifts that I need which can get expensive if you let it. However I found an inexpensive gift that I really love and hope that they do as well.

They were so easy and they turned out adorable. I got these mailboxes in the dollar aisle at target. I used my cricut (still one of my all time favorite gifts) and some pink vinyl that I already had. I cut out the different shapes and the first letter of the teachers name to put on front. I filled with candy and wrapped them up.

Hope you have a great valentine's day....

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  1. The dollar aisle at target can be a real god-send for gifts. You did a great job.

    Megan (a new follower)