October 25, 2009


It has been a busy few days and there is no end in sight. I had two finals last week, went to spooktacular, finishing up Halloween decorating, and today decided to rip apart my guest bathroom. Finals were some of the worst to date, and am still waiting for my grades. I am so glad they are over, but am hating waiting for my grades. I start my new classes on Monday and am ready because that is one step closer to finishing my degree.
We attempted to go to the pumpkin patch yesterday but the line was ridiculous to wait in. So we decided to skip the pumpkin patch. We did however, make it to spooktacular at the zoo and it was a lot of fun. Lucas wore his dinosaur costume, and Teagan wore her witch costume. I think Teagans costume turned out really cute. It only took me two days to sew it.

This is the only one I have with her hat on.

I am Lucas-Rex hear me Roar!

Today I woke up and decided to do some Yard work, which is nothing out of the usual. I prefer to do my yard work in the morning, when it is nice and cool. My husband like he usually does says lets do the bathroom. So he decides that lets tear apart the bathroom on sunday afternoon. This wouldn't be so bad, except for two reasons. First reason is the last time we tore apart the master bath, he got everything out and then left for New Orleans the next day. I was left with no bathroom for almost two weeks. Second My Father in Law will be here next Saturday and will clearly need to use the guest bathroom. Well wish me luck that it actually gets done before he get here.

This is what my guest bathroom looks like right now. I will keep everyone updated and will post pics along the way and when it is done.

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