October 17, 2009


Well this year has been an interesting voyage on trying to figure out what to make the kids for Halloween. Someone said that I should let Lucas choose his own this year, and I figured why not. We started over a month ago trying figure out what he would like to be. I named off every costume i could think of, and he would say yes then as soon as i would put in my shopping cart he would say no. We finally decided on a Dinosaur, which as always has to be the hardest thing to find. This is my luck we can never find the costume he wants or i want. I searched and searched and searched but finally found the costume at a childrens place at Regency mall (side note: I never goto regency I am affraid of getting shot or stabbed). It is a little big but nothinh I can not alter to make fit better. I decided to make Teagans again this year and decided on a cute little witch. I have the costume 90% done and will post pictures soon of both costumes.

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